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Why ranking on page 1 of a Google search isn’t enough!

Ever wondered why big companies have Adwords even on their own brand names? It’s simple, they don’t want to take any chances.” article_height=”345″ article_overlay_color=”rgb(48,71,103)” article_text_color=”rgb(255,255,255)” article_icon_color=”rgb(150,223,92)” article_read_more_text=”VIEW MORE” article_read_more_link=”#” article_target=”_self” md_article_box_animation_speed=”400″ md_article_box_animation_delay=”0.0″ md_article_box_animation_position=”center” md_article_box_animation_show=”once”][/md_article_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Ever wondered why big companies use Adwords even on their own brand name searches?


One of the
most common lines of resistance I come up against is ‘We’re on page 1 already.’
At this point, I keenly enquire, ‘Oh for what keywords?’ and of course the
reply is more often than not ‘All of them.’ In my experience the actual reality
is normally one of two cases. 

Case 1 

When you dig deeper you find that the majority of the keywords
they rank for is their own brand name (sometimes this is the entirety of the
searches) and a few generic keywords next to no volume. Nothing wrong with that
if they are high converting long tail keywords but more often than not it
isn’t. In fact, their analytics is largely monitoring searches for their own
brand related searches. Again nothing wrong with obviously gaining this traffic
but it’s missing the huge swathe of prospects who aren’t aware of your company
but are aware of a need for your service. Even if you’re not aware of the
keywords that they’re using which is the crux of the matter.


Case 2

There are of course occasions where this isn’t the case and a
company has some presence on some of the searches that are both valuable to
them in terms of either volume or in terms of intention to buy. However merely
being on page 1 isn’t sufficient to win business. Why is this? Well take
 a respectable search volume in the B2B field of say 300 monthly searches.
Sounds on the face of it that if you’re on page 1 you’ll get a good chunk to
make it worth your while. Something to keep in mind is that in today’s searches
it’s often a congested marketplace. Of course, there’s obviously often Adwords
taking up the primary real estate at the top of the page but after this their
may also be your local listings. 


The attrition that an organic listing can suffer can be up to
30-35% of the search volume is consumed by prospects clicking on these. So now
you’re down to about 200 monthly searches available after this attrition. A
further issue is just because a search was made it doesn’t mean that everyone
will click on the first page. Some will make a search and carry on to the next
second page and maybe click on their or abandon their search with no click
through at all. Again, you may see a further few percent attrition from this as


Then you need to consider your position on this page. The top
three positions will often bag around 60% of the remaining traffic. This now
leaves considerably around just over a sixth of the original search volume to
gain for the remaining seven positions. So if you’re around position 9 or 10
then you’ll be lucky to see about 5 click throughs a month for what initialy
seemed like a very fertile search term. 


So what’s that answer? Well first and obviously is dominate any
search phrase you know to be of value to you. Even if you’re in the top three
organically you also need to mop us as much possible traffic that may be going
only as far as the Adwords or local listings section. So this is why large companies
will defend their brand position even in Adwords to just not give an
opportunity for a prospect to be swayed by a compelling ad made by a


Of course, when you’re a smaller organisation you may not have
the luxury to dominate all search terms of value but you can test and evaluate
the terms in a systematic way by undertaking selective Adwords campaigns and
seeing what is generating business for you. In addition, there’s no excuse for
any company to neglect their local SEO listings which are frequently overlooked
or mismanaged. Finally, you can make an argument for perhaps smaller volume but
easier to dominate search terms where say you may already rank that may benefit
from some relatively simple page optimisation and content generation. After
all, it’s better to win 30% of 10 high converting search terms a month than 1%
of 300 generic lower converting search terms a month.


For any assistance in adopting any of these strategies to be
more effective with your search engine marketing them please don’t hesitate to
contact me on 07985 676506 or e-mail me at [email protected] Of
course, all comments, opinions and insights are very much welcomed and if you
feel that this article may be of use to other people you know then please don’t
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Guy Willett

I've been involved in marketing for over 20 years and digital marketing over the last 6 years. My goal is to see clients thrive from using both ethically based SEO services and effective digital marketing best practices.