Ready Steady Go SEO
- born of frustration

My name is Guy Willett and I’m the founder of Ready Steady Go SEO. I’ve had over 20 years marketing experience and 6 of those years have been spent specialising in digital marketing. As an SEO consultant, what makes me different from other online marketing specialists is that I’ve never worked for an agency – only for end users. So as I will explain, I’ve been through the pain and frustration that most of my clients tell me that they’ve suffered when they’ve used SEO services in the past.


In that time I have used a wide range of providers purporting to offer SEO services. Be they budget or premium services there has been one consistent issue all the way through – what is it that they are actually doing? What am I getting for my investment.? Sometimes there would be rank movement or traffic increases but what work was being done to create this? Was it work I was doing as part of my day to day job or was it what was being done by a provider? This is obviously a tough call but it shouldn’t be unreasonable to ask ‘what work is the the SEO consultant actually undertaking that may contribute? Often at that point you are met with a wall of techno babble. When I got past this, I often discovered that the work had been outsourced to another party and there was little or no quality control or management of what was being delivered.

Guy Willett - an SEO consultant with a difference

Almost a decade being a Commercial Director and the one thing that I discovered couldn't be left to a third party... SEO!

SEO Consultant and Servcies with a difference

So six years later I realised that the difficulties I'd suffered trying to get a company to undertake efective and ethical SEO for me was a shared problem!

So what's the answer?

It dawned on me that SEO was just too important to be left to a
third party that didn’t care and in seeking to raise my profile I was as likely to gain a Google penalty! When I did some backlink analysis of some of the questionable backlinks created in my name I knew that it was time to take action. 

I determined that I would do my own SEO. SEO in 2016 is a very different beast to several years ago, Google now rewards you for building natural links within your local and trade community. Additionally, I was getting a real buzz from delivering real world results using ethical SEO techniques to build significant ROI. In one position the results were so significant it meant that a telemarketing team of 3 making outbound calls was reduced down to just 1 who was largely reassigned to dealing with inbound calls generated from internet traffic!

After almost 10 years of working for end client companies and delivering real results I wanted to provide the same service on a much wider basis as an SEO consultant so I set up Ready Steady Go SEO. Now I’d like to help do much the same for you. For a FREE Situation Report and consultation simply fill out the our contact form.

we take repsonsibility for your progress

A bold statement for an SEO consultant to make, but we can justify this because we do our homework first. The FREE Situation Report is often very valuable to a prospect but it also lets us understand when we sit down with you whether we can be of service to you. That’s right. We sometimes conduct this initial work and tell the client that they are adhering to sound SEO principles, so unless they want to outsource the work then they should keep on doing what they’re doing.

On the other hand we sometimes choose not to work with companies if the commitment to a project that needs client involvment can’t be secured then we may pass on a project. We explain to the prospect what will be needed in each activity from them as well as from us. If the available time, access to resources or involvement by the client can’t be guaranteed then we feel it best to discount certain activities as not being achieveable.  

We think that this honest approach means we won’t always be able to help a prospect but we generally find that the prospects respects the fact that we haven’t tried to commit to a project that simply would be counter productive for both parties.

Local Search Strategy

Maximize your presence on search engine results pages on a local scale.

Link Building & Content

We help you find the comtacts, categorise them, then develop content to engage them

Maps Search Optimization

Locality precision is vital and we can undertake audits to check sites are where they should be

Visual Reporting

We can provide you with online reports at a frequency that suits you.

    No contract or on-going commitment

    • Project based

    • Adapts to your budget

    • Only commit what you want

    • Use only when you need

    • Works for a campaign focus

    • Judge us on our results