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For almost all of Ready Steady Go SEO's story, Birmingham SEO has been at the centre of my search engine optimisation and search marketing activities. This was due to the company having a Birmingham base - equidistant between Kings Norton, Northfield and West Heath in south Birmingham, on the Worcestershire border. This has meant that the biggest number of clients I've worked with has been in and around Birmingham.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Guy Willett and  I've been working in digital marketing for over 15 years and I'm the founder of Ready Steady Go SEO. Since starting my SEO agency in 2016  I have made it my mission to provide cost-effective SEO to SMEs. So if you're looking at Birmingham SEO services on a pay as you go basis then allow me to elaborate why I think we should be talking.

There's plenty of SEO companies in Birmingham, so why choose Ready Steady Go SEO to be your SEO service provider? The key difference is that I undertake search engine optimisation very differently to most SEO agencies you'll encounter. Why? Well, the simple answer is I don't come from an SEO agency background.

In fact, for many years I was, like you, an end client, who just didn't get value for money from the SEO agencies I hired. All too often I was locked into contracts where very little seemed to be done and even less seemed to happen in terms of results. When I questioned this, I'd frequently be met with a wall of techno babble or just told that I'd just need to wait just a little longer to see results. 

Which made me think. 

  • Why can't I get SEO in Birmingham when I want them or when I can afford it?
  • Why can't I obtain SEO campaigns where I know what's being done and how it will benefit me?
  • Why can't I buy individual SEO packages where I can judge their impact prior to further expense?

That's when I started undertaking SEO for my own companies and not only got some great results but also really enjoyed doing it. So much so that after a few years I decided to become a freelance SEO consultant who has in the last four years worked with over 75 organisations improving their online visibility. 

The reason for this success is simple:

I consult with you to understand your short & longer term goals

I then give you a plan with separate SEO projects in this plan

You choose as and when you want the work done to suit you

So what makes your Birmingham SEO services so different?

No contracts or retainers

Since work is done on a project by project basis you choose to work with me as and when you want. You're not committed to using me in anyway beyond the current project I'm working on for you. This means I have to deliver value EVERY SINGLE TIME. Additionally, it means I'm always looking at what value I can deliver for you in future projects we discuss.

Single point of contact

No Account Managers, just the same person you meet is the same person who will carry out the work for you. So there's no layers of communication for misunderstandings to arise or an aptitude gap between who you speak with and who undertakes the work.

Transparent operation

Working with you on a project basis means that there is clarity in why I'm doing the work and the anticipated results. This way, there aren't any unexpected surprises and I'll report back to you with results throughout the project.

Quick wins & long term goals

It's fair to say that the overall process of search engine optimisation is a long term and ideally on-going activity but certain SEO activities can have a lot quicker impact than others. For instance, you can see the impact of the on-page optimisation of title tags, metadescriptions and header titles in a matter of days or even hours depending on when your site is next indexed by Google. However, the impact of backlinks can take many weeks or even months for their full benefit to be felt.

White hat SEO adherence

I adhere to Google's webmaster approved white hat ethical guidelines so you can be confident that the risk of receiving a Google penalty, or future penalty, has been minimised.

SMEs a speciality

The majority of my career has been spent working in SME environments which has given me a good understanding of both the drivers and constraints that your typical SME faces. That's why my SEO services are geared towards

  • working within tight budgetary constraints,
  • showing a quick ROI
  • as little financial commitment as possible
All work done in-house

No work is farmed out to third parties so I have complete control, and responsibility, for the SEO projects I undertake for you. In addition, this also means I that all the work undertaken is entirely your property.

Competitively priced

Since I offer project based SEO services I charge a day rate and this day rate can be broken down to the activity undertaken by the hour if needed. The difference between this approach and an on-going, possibly cheaper cost in the short term, is you know what work is being done which can be demonstrated. However, you'll always find cheaper SEO providers than Ready Steady Go SEO but I'm confident you won't find better value for money or ROI

Techno babble free zone

I speak your language because I come from a client and not an agency background. I take pride in and enjoy spending the time with clients explaining the concepts and scope of work so there is a clarity in their understanding and expectations. I've never hidden behind the 'I could explain it to you but you wouldn't understand' smokescreen you may have encountered with other SEO providers.

Lets identify new clients with new keywords

Let me take the time to report these  to you

Work with myself, as 75+ other clients have

Why being on page one of Google is not enough!

You have no doubt received e-mails from at least one SEO agency, if not more, promising to get you to page one Google search results for one or more search terms. However, this might not be quite as compelling a claim as you might think.

The truth is, the top 3 positions receive over a third of the traffic! So a boost into the top five can see a huge improvement in search result visibility. However, a more strategic SEO agency will also look at both short term and long term opportunities; for instance, smaller more highly converting long-tail keywords and Google’s local listings.

Of course, it's possible you're already on page one for certain keyword search results? If so don't be too complacent! If you appear towards the bottom you might only be seeing about 3-4% of that traffic.

Another factor to consider is what is the volume of searches for that keyword? Do you know? If you don't, I can share this information with you. This is something that many SEO agencies wouldn't dream of doing since they might not want you to be aware that they've focused their efforts on a page one result for a keyword that no one has searched for in the history of the Internet!

It's also important to understand the intent of the keyword. Does it fit well with my offering? Are they likely to proceed further or even convert? Where are they in the buying cycle if they type this? 

Additionally, don't forget that organic search results are now only one of the ways that you can reap the benefits by appearing on page 1. There are rich snippets, map packs, and many more opportunities.

Birmingham SEO that's highly rated!

I'd urge anyone to scrutinise and research your prospective SEO provider before taking the plunge. By all means ask for references and approach former or current clients to get their feedback.

Of course, also look at their online reputation as well  I'm very proud of the feedback that I've received setting up Ready Steady Go SEO and feel free to look across GoogleMyBusiness, Bark, Yell, Bark or Trustpilot to see how people feel about the work undertaken and advice given. See below for just a sample of the feedback I've received.

One particular review platform I'm proud to be featured on is Clutch. This isn't just because of the glowing reviews but also because clients are approached and are interviewed independently so their feedback is all the more impartial and welcome.

Moreover, from this independent research, Ready Steady Go SEO has been named as one of the top digital and marketing agencies in the UK three years in a row.

5* SEO services across numerous platforms

A B2B top digital marketing provider for two successive years

Happy to provide references from the 75+ clients worked with

Don't just take my word for it.... Here's a sample of some client testimonials

Ready Steady Go SEO - by the numbers


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An experienced Birmingham SEO specialist

Birmingham has been the main area that I've had the pleasure of serving for the past 4 years. This has involved me working extensively across both in the centre of Birmingham in the West Midlands as well as for a number of clients who are situated in suburbs as well as in the centre of Birmingham. The range of work has been exciting and diverse including the following -


  • plumber in Northfield, south Birmingham
  • financial consultants in Kings Norton, south Birmingham
  • signage contractor in Aston in the center of Birmingham
  • automotive finacial consultants in Acocks Green
  • estate agents in Harborne, north Birmingham
  • independent funeral directors in Kings Norton
  • bespoke packaging manufacturers Duddeston

Benchmark your competitors with your free SEO report!

I believe in helping you to make informed strategic decisions. It's vital that reflecting my findings with you at each step helps ensure continued success and no more so than at the outset of our communication. 

This starts even before working with you with a free no-obligation report and 30-minute consultation that focuses on:

  • Current keyword ranking
  • Potential other keywords 
  • Average monthly search volumes
  • Your backlink profile (mentions of your site elsewhere on the Internet)
  • Analysis of your local listing status
  • Social media profiles

What makes this an even more valuable document however is I can share the same information for your competitors too which can give insights into new keywords, backlinks, and overall strategy that you might wish to adopt.

Additionally included in the report

Conversion Rate Optimization

Discover if you're ranking for keywords that you're not leveraginig that might not be exploited

Real-Time Keyword Analytics

Though the report can show keyword rankings the consultation can also show live rankings for discussion

Online Reputation Management

Full analysis as to your online reputation that may present highlight issues the organisation may need to addrress

Professional SEO services

Tell me your key services/products 

Tell me the regions/audiences you serve

Share with me 3 competitor websites you feel may rank better than your own

Just some of the organisations served

Timings to see ranking changes depend on the SEO service

Ensure you understand the activities being undertaken

Beware agencies not prepared to explain what they intend to do

SEO takes ages, right? Think again!

Well yes and no. It's my experience that a lot of SEO agencies want you to believe this since it means they can expect you to continue paying over a long period of time without expecting any results. The truth of the matter is that different SEO activities have different timescales to have an effect. For instance, on-page optimisation can have a ranking impact within the time it takes for your site to be re-indexed by Google, as little as 48-72 hours, if not sooner!

Other activities say backlinking, can take many weeks if not months for their impact to be wholly felt since the age of the backlink is an important factor. So let's be clear, depending on the SEO activity being undertaken should have an impact on timescale for you to expect results. 

One important consideration, however, is you may get ranking improvements from entirely unethical 'black hat' techniques'. This may get results for you fast but may likely be unsustainable and more importantly leave you at risk of receiving hugely rank damaging Google penalties. This then makes it all the more important to understand the type of SEO campaigns are being undertaken on your behalf.

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SEO is more than just ranking for keywords - it's about strengthening your brand!

It comes a surprise to many prospects to discover that, on average, 80% of the traffic they receive organically comes from people who were looking for them anyway.

What do I mean by this? Well, the vast majority of non optimised sites receive almost all their traffic from people who were looking for them by their company or brand names.

Being aware of this makes it all the more important for so many of your non-website assets to be as claimed, optimised and populated as much as possible to maximise phone enquiries, website visits and even visits to your physical location.

Consider for instance your GoogleMyBusiness. This is much more prominent on Google searches, particularly on mobile devices where it is frequently shown above the organic results. Additionally, this asset is much more attention-grabbing than your own site in the organic results so it makes sense to invest time and effort into optimising this vital piece of real estate! Below are just a few things to consider.

  • Does it have real pictures covering your team, exterior, interior and at work shots?
  • Do you have glowing lengthy reviews that have been responded to?
  • Do you showcase all your products and services?
  • Do you post regular news, event and offer items here?
  • Is your company name, opening hours, address etc all consistent with your data on your website?

All of these things help not only in your presence on the map pack but also make for a convincing portrayal that means your prospects will likely then go on to visit your website.

Professional SEO services

I'll identify the essential listings in your sector

I'll claim, optimise & populate on your behalf

I've done this for 65+ clients already







Check your SEO's understanding of your own website's  platform

Do they take the time to explore your short'long term goals

What understanding do they have of your sector and audience

Choose an Birmingham SEO provider with a wealth of experience!

The plan was always to focus on offering SEO to the B2B SME community in the Midlands. Things don't always work out that way though do they?

I'm delighted to say that in the four years since starting I've very much been a victim of my success!

This has involved working with companies as far afield as the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland and Romania and even further afield including the United States and New Zealand.

In addition, I've found myself working for business sectors I hadn't planned on working with including B2C as well B2B organisations. These have ranged from accountants and estate agents to pharmacies, physiotherapists and florists.

Working with the B2C community has also meant working on fully transactional sites for the likes of confectionery wholesalers to personalised wooden gifts manufacturers.

The diversity hasn't ended there. My work portfolio has included content creation, social media marketing and even on the odd occasion website design!

All of this has also meant a huge amount learning various content management systems and software applications that I've had to address from your common or garden WordPress site to more specialist platforms like Umbraco (as illustrated in the diagram).

How sure are you that your SEO agency is doing your search engine optimisation?

Many Birmingham online marketing and web design companies offer SEO services but not all of them actually do this in-house? Perhaps you've committed to a Birmingham SEO company in the good faith that you're using a local supplier. You might be surprised by the number of these services that are subcontracted out to white label offshore SEO agencies. The profit margins for an agency you employ may be very lucrative, but the impact can be immense since what control does the agency you're dealing with have over these subcontractors?

When interviewing prospective suppliers, I'd always recommend you determine this from the outset since it's your online reputation and existence that's at stake. For my part, all the work is done by myself so there aren't account managers who are then passing on, possibly incorrect, information onto their own technical staff or whoever they are using to undertake the SEO services.

However, should you want something from me that is a specialism of mine, say copywriting or a full-blown website then I can always put you in touch with some great suppliers I work within these areas that I'm confident will be able to do both a cost-effective and highly competent job.

Ask them categorically what they outsource

Do they tell you about their staff structure

Ask to meet the member of staff who does SEO

Ask for assurances on any 3rd party suppliers

Find out who does the SEO in their team

Determine the SEO tools that they use

Ask how they've done their own SEO

Transparency is key. Ensure you know as much as possible about what your SEO does and how they do it

I make no apologies for spending the time to ensure my clients understand the work I undertake on their behalf. So much so that after explaining and they want to do the work for themselves then I'll happily support them where I can. Whether you choose to undertake the work yourself can be very much up to your own time availability and inclination. What prospects soon become aware of is that SEO is a time consuming job and if you expect to get miracle results then you'll either be disappointed or you'll be looking to use SEO techniques that will come with some very high risks. 

For my part I'm more than happy to share with you not only how I do my work but also the SEO software packages that I use and can recommend you use if you wish to use yourself. Below is a not entriely exhaustive list but a range of resources that I use to interrogate, analyse and influence my work. In addition to these third party software applications there is a heavy relaince on Google Analytics, Google Search Console and analytices derived from other sources like GoogleMyBusiness. However, these resources are just that. If followed slavishly without due consideration to sense checking and determining 'is this right for this business' can become very blunt instruments.

I'd always recommend before choosing an SEO that you understand how they operate. If they aren't prepared to explain in detail how they conduct they're work or if you feel they they are deliberately trying to baffle you then my advice is walk away. After all, putting your very online existence in the hands of someone else is surely worth rigorously checking what it is that they propose doing.

Is it important to work with a local Birmingham SEO consultant?

Have you chosen an accountant that you've never met? I'm guessing not. I'm assuming you decided you decided your financial well-being was a crucial aspect to your business. I'm also guessing that you wanted to seek regular advice and wanted to enter into a regualr dialogue about ever changing financial legislation and its impact on you. 

So if I told you your very existence online might be dependent on your selection of SEO then you might want to consider much the same level of intimacy. As opposeed to relying on a faceless organisation who you have barely spoken to let alone meet! This is why I'm hugely keen on working with local SMEs who I can build long lasting relationships that start with face to face meetings. Why a face to face meeting? You can learn so much more whether your offering is a good fit and vice versa. 

Moreover, SEO isn't just being told by a client what they want to rank for. It's a lot more involved process that gets to the core of actually what it is that you do, understanding how your audiences get to become your clients and also what your long term goals are. 

Finally, much like the world of finance, Google's algorithm is subject to change at an even more frightening intensity. This is why I like to regulalry meet with my clients to keep them abreast and brain storm how these changes can be accommodated and leveraged.

So though I've recently moved, I still serve a huge number of clients in Birmingham. So if you'd like to meet up for a coffee, perhaps at Birmingham's Grand Central John Lewis cafe, and for me to provide you with a free consultation and SEO report (including competitor analysis) then I look forward to meeting up

I believe in strong, close working relationships

Your online reputation is too important to risk

Don't rely on a faceless organisation

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Need more than just SEO Birmingham services?

There's a lot more to digital marketing than just cost-effective search engine optimisation services. It's worthwhile having a look at your other digital assets that might be already being used or possibly never considered. Every client has their own preferences and prejudices so it's well worth looking into how these channels may play their part in your overall digital marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing
Organic Long-Term SEO

Creating insights that ensure better SEO (and a better business)

Working with Birmingham companies to understand their business is one of the most rewarding elements of the process. It might seem an easy process to understand what the core products and services are but determining the terms people are actually searching for them can be complex. For instance, an Edgbaston based cosmetic surgeon might term themselves like this but their audience might be keying in ‘Birmingham plastic surgery’ or ‘aesthetics near me’.

Understanding the client’s customers can be even more challenging – since frequently little or no analysis has previously been made. For example, a construction firm in Kings Norton might not have determined that most of its work comes from Longbridge with Contracts Managers being the key role that places orders. Or that a hairdresser on the Bristol Road hasn’t determined that the age range of almost all of its clientele is between 30-56 and lives no more than 1.5 miles from their location.

However, don’t worry if you haven’t conducted this work yourself. It’s all part of the process of what I can do for you.

Cheltenham SEO analysis

Understand your customer or prospect first

Determine their profiles and localities

Research the search terms they use 

Organisations I don't work with!

It may seem picky, but I don't choose to work with all prospects who approach me. There are four types of prospect or approach that I tend to not work with. 

  • Silver bullet. I get a strong sign of this when a prospect states, 'I just need my site SEO'ed'. This can often be a strong indication that the prospect is expecting zero involvement. This doesn't work with my consultative approach where I need to reflect findings and considerations throughout the process. Omitting this can be a foundation for failure. It can also mean that the client is expecting sales to magically improve without also looking at their overall sales funnel including monitoring of source of sales. 
  • Unrealistic expectations. If you've just launched a website or are a new company it's important to know what's achievable. For instance, if you have a very local service then to expect to rank for purely generic search terms without some form of a regional qualifier, eg SEO Birmingham'', 'SEO companies Birmingham', or 'SEO agency Birmingham', then it may be difficult to rank. After all, people viewing your site who you can't ultimately serve will likely 'bounce' off your site and a high bounce rate will work against you as a poor user experience ranking signal to the search engines. So it's vital to consider your long term SEO strategy and goals as well as quick wins.
  • Poor reputation. Improving the exposure of your company that suffers from a bad reputation will ultimately mean more people will be exposed to your tarnished brand. Even if this means that I help improve the rankings and generate more traffic most visitors will undertake some form of due diligence before committing to purchase. So, ultimately, your overall sales will likely not improve until your poor reputation is addressed.
  • Your competitors. I make it a point to only work with one company in a sector serving a particular region. The reason for this is a clear issue of a conflict of interest. If I'm getting their site ranking then it is almost bound to be at the expense of yours if you're looking to ranking for the same things in the same geographic area. Not all Birmingham SEO companies may be so exacting, so it's well worth checking any other SEO provider you're considering whether they have the same set of standards.

These four issues aren't always apparent until I've provided you with my free SEO audit. This is why I undertake the audit as much for my benefit as yours to check the tenability of working together.

Looking for SEO with no questions asked? I'm not the SEO for you

Startup with plans for global domination? Is this realistic?

Got a bad reputation? Best addressing  this first before SEO