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For the second successive year, Ready Steady Go SEO has been named as one the UK’s best digital and marketing agencies. Clutch spoke with 600 companies’ clients, evaluating each company’s market presence, and assessing the quality of work delivered. Guy Willett, owner of RSG SEO said “The important thing is it’s based on B2B ratings where Clutch speaks directly with clients of each agency, hosting interview-style conversations that elicit the vital perspective of the client. These conversations generate reviews and help create the backbone of Clutch’s research methodology. Consequently, it’s a testament of how my clients have judged RSG SEO’s results and how the company measures up against the industry standard.” To view the client contributions to Clutch please visit our Clutch profile.

Ever wondered why big companies have Adwords even on their own brand names? It’s simple, they don’t want to take any chances.” article_height=”345″ article_overlay_color=”rgb(48,71,103)” article_text_color=”rgb(255,255,255)” article_icon_color=”rgb(150,223,92)” article_read_more_text=”VIEW MORE” article_read_more_link=”#” article_target=”_self” md_article_box_animation_speed=”400″ md_article_box_animation_delay=”0.0″ md_article_box_animation_position=”center” md_article_box_animation_show=”once”][/md_article_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Local SEO is a shockingly undervalued resource in today’s SEO battlefield. Your local listings (or local SEO) on Google have been with us now for over 3 years and yet they are still criminally overlooked by both end clients and SEO agencies alike. It’s 2016 and yet most SEO’s still talk about organic listings as being the peak of SEO when there’s something above them. I mean if I told you there was a free listing that cost nothing to advertise on Google’s front page that was actually above organic listings and yet had more credibility than the Adwords just above it you’d bite my hand off wouldn’t you? Well, that’s exactly what Google offers all companies every single day and yet the opportunity is seldom exploited.

In fact, local listings are the great leveller. Whether you’re big or small you have the opportunity to fight whether you’re a single site concern against a multi-site mega corporation, well at least in your own locality, which is at least probably where your audience is sited anyway! ‘So show me where to sign up?’ I hear you say.
The first thing to do is go to Google My Business and check whether your company is already listed. Chances are if you’re an established company you will be. The problem can be if it’s already been claimed by somebody else. This may have been an employee or agency working for you previously. In that case, you are looking at a somewhat protracted process of requesting it from the previous claimant if you can’t work out the partial e-mail that Google will provide you as the only information for you to determine who it might be. If you have difficulty then feel free to contact us to help you reclaim what is rightfully yours.

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