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Effective content that engages

So we’ve helped you determine your audience. Next is determing what interests them and what they actaully want to know more about. This may be the development of ‘evergreen’ content – information that persists on your website – as well as repsonsive content responding to breaking news and events. 

The tone, detail and channels for this content all needs consideration. As does it’s ‘repurposoing’ – how you get the same information to more people through more marketing channels.

Business Process

Planning for the future

Having great content relys on great planning. A crucial element is drawing up a flexible media plan for fixed oppotunities as well as capacity to react unexpected opportunities.

The other element is developing great channels and contacts which in part comes from the backlink building undertaken. An extensive list of local and trade contacts can then be made that are desperate for opinion from industry experts – like you! 

We can help you make these contacts as well as reach out to them effectively and deliver the content that both appeals and engages.

  • Establish contacts

  • Find out what content they really want

  • Write engaging content in a format they want

Just how far can you help me?

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