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Why should I consider Local SEO?
  Local SEO is a commonly overlooked element in SEO. Every small business should aim to be as highly optimised as possible for their local listing for three reasons. 1/ This is one area where they are on a level playing ground against the multi-nationals and chain store brands 2/ The local listings, for the terms where they exist, appear above the organic listings so it really stands head and shoulders above the organic listings 3/ Searches made by these prospects are on your doorstep, so should be highly motivated to consider you. This is particularly true if you have many positive reviews from a range of sources!

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Preformance Analysis
With our Opportunity Reprt we show you you where you stand against your competitors. We then advise which keywords might be able to rank quickly and those that may be a more long term goal.

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Local Directory Submission
There are 14 key local directories who need consistent information submitted across each of them. Using the keywords discovered in the Opportunity Report play their part in developing the company profile for them.

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SEO Expertise
Once the directories have the consistent information submitted then additional efforts play their part. This includes the gaining of reviews and the addition of further picture and editorial content.


Is winning local business important to you? Then so should Local SEO!

Keyword research

There’s little point promoting your services locally till you’re confident in the search terms that your prospects are using to find your’s or your competitor’s services. This is the essential underpinning of any SEO campaign.

Directory submission

Google in the UK relies on 14 essential directories for it’s local listings. Getting your entry in to these with the consistent company name, address and phone (NAP) data is crucial. Populating with further esential information like opening times also improves your listing whilst also informing prospects (a win-win).

Great reviews

Getting great reviews across a number of platforms including local listings and social media should be a goal in itself for any company. However, it also serves a useful purpose in assuring the local listings that you both exist and provide a service people value.

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