SEO agency coverage

SEO Agency Coverage

An SEO agency serving the SEO needs of the South West and Midlands SME business community and further afield... sometimes much further afield!


OK so the plan was to serve businesses that were on my doorstep, but in the last 4 years I've been approached by prospects from all over the world with projects that were too tempting not to accept!

Geographic coverage

This has meant working with clients in the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland and Romania and even as far afield as the United States and even New Zealand.

This has given me an understanding of the subtlties in international SEO and considering the nuances not just of different sectors but also the differences of sectors in different parts of the world. 

Closer to home, in the United Kingdom I've worked with clients as far north as Glasgow and as southerly as Hampshire

Sector coverage

With regards to sectors, I've had a very wide experience despute the orifginal plan to work just with B2B companies.

This work has included working with B2C companies that include:

  • Pharmacies
  • Florists
  • Wedding bands
  • Hair dressers 
  • Taxis and chauffeurs
  • Estate agents
  • Ski schools
  • Plumbers
  • Personalised gifts
  • Mobility aids
seo agency coverage

B2B sector coverage

My more traditional works has included work with:

  • Professional services (surveyors, solicitors)
  • Construction based (plant hire and construction training)
  • Manufacturing (packaging)
  • Signage (manufacturing and installation)
  • Conservation (ecological consultants)
  • Financial services (accountants, tax advisors)
  • Business services (telemarketing, recruitment)
  • Care sector (elderly care)

Niche geographic areas served!

Like any business, as time has moved on I've ended bing fortunate enough to have been involved with clients who have refered me to others. This along with strong SEO niche presence has meant that I've got some quite specialist knowledge not just serving niche business sectors but also geographic niches as well. Below highlights some specific regional concentrations of SEO activity that may benefit you as much as my sector experience. In addition, where availabke I've included links to case studies that go into a lot greater detail as to how I've been of benefit to speciffic clients that was compiled by an independent review platform. 

  • Birmingham SEO services: over 12 clients served in Birmingham and in surrounding conurbations
  • Coventry SEO services: over 8 clients served across the city and in surrounding areas
  • Worcester SEO: 7 clients served in the city and surrounding areas including Bewdley & Stourport
  • Wigan SEO services: 5 clients in around Wigan and surrounding areas of Lancashire
  • Redditch SEO services: 4 clients served in the north Worcestershire town
  • Leicestershire SEO services: 3 clients served in the county including Bosworth and Hinckley
  • Derby SEO services: 2 clients served in the city itself
  • Hereford SEO services: 2 clients served in the heart of the city only 50 yards away from each other
  • Solihull SEO services: 2 clients served in and around Solihull including Shirley
  • International SEO services: SEO for a wide range of countries including Switzerland, United States, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand
Regional SEO agency  around the globe

75+ platforms over 3 different continents

A wide range of B2B and B2C sectors served

Happy to provide references from the 75+ clients I've worked with

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