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Why SEO matters

If you’re reading this after typing ‘Birmingham SEO Services’ or ‘SEO Birmingham’, for example, into a search engine then here’s proof that search engine optimisation really works. You’re in good company. According to a 'State of B2B Procurement' study by the Acuity Group, 94 percent of business buyers do some form of online research and 77 percent of them use Google search. Still not sure? See our ‘12 reasons why your company needs SEO’

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Why being on Google’s first page isn’t enough!

You have no doubt received e-mails from at least one SEO agency, if not more, promising to get you to page one for one or more search terms. The truth is, the top 3 positions receive over a third of the traffic! So a boost into the top five can see a huge improvement in exposure. However, a more strategic SEO company will also look at both short term and long term opportunities; for instance, smaller more highly converting long tail keywords and Google’s local listings. See article 'Smarter SEO'


Benchmark your competitors with your personalised FREE 20 page SEO report

We believe in helping you to make informed strategic SEO decisions. We carefully curate your own and competitor information at our disposal. We then signpost the key online marketing insights into your sector which will help you get ahead. We start our research before we even start working with you, by providing you with a FREE no-obligation SEO report and 30 minute consultation that focuses on: ■ What keywords you rank for ■ Their average monthly search volumes ■ Backlink analysis contributing to these rankings ■ Analysis of your local listing status ■ Audit of your social media profile ■ We’ll even show you your key competitor’s keyword rankings, backlinks and expected search volumes!

What makes us different from any other Birmingham SEO company?


Ready Steady Go SEO approach to search engine marketing is:


     ■ project based

    ■ goal oriented

    ■ results driven


Clarity is paramount in our working relationship with you, be it backlink building, content creation, local SEO presence or reputation management. 

We believe its vital that you know what it is we’re doing and why we’re doing it as much as the results that it may generate. After all, it’s your online reputation that is at steak! 

No contracts or retainers

Since we  work on a project by project basis use us as much or as little as you want with no on-going commitment. Judge us by the results we generate without having to be tied into costly contracts or retainers.

Single point of contact

No Account Managers, just the same person you meet is the same person who will carry out the work on your SEO campaign. So no layers of communication for misunderstandings to arise or technical apptitude gap between who you speak to and who carries out the work.

More than just SEO

If there’s other digital marketing issues that you’re facing then we can help. Whether it’s a redesign of a WordPress website, management of e-shots, running pay-per-click campaigns, social media training, graphic design or corporate photography then approach us for a quote.

Transparent operation

We work on a project basis with you and we explain the activity (avoiding techno babble) that we will undertake as well as the anticipated results. This way there aren’t any unexpected surprises and you can be clear exactly what we’re doing and we’ll report back to you on the results throughout the project.

Quick wins & long term goals

It’s true to say that search engine optimisation is a long term and ideally an on-going activity but certain SEO activites can have a lot quicker impact than others. For instance, on-page optimisation of titles and meta descriptions can be a matter of days or whenever the next Google re-index of your site takes place, whilst the impact of backlinks can take much longer to have a noticeable effect.

White hat SEO


We adhere to Google’s webmaster approved white hat ethical SEO techniques so you can be confident that a Google penalty, or for that matter future penalty, has been minimised.

SMEs a speciality

Due to a lengthy experience of working with SMEs the company is geared to understand and cater for the needs of smaller organisations that work within tight budgetary constraints, need to show a quick ROI and may prefer to work with as little financial commitment as is possible. In addition, B2Bs SMEs are a specififc area that the I’ve had huge experience of working both in and with and can offer some real sure-fire strategies that can maxmise SEO spend for.

All work done in-house

We don’t farm out any work to third parties so we have complete control and responsibility for the SEO campaigns you use us for. As a benefit, this also means that you can be confident that all work and undertakings that is developed for you is entirely your property.  

Competitvely priced

Since we are a project based company we charge a day rate and rthis day rate can be broken down to the activity undertaken by the hour if needed. The difference between this approach and an on-going, possibly cheaper cost, is you know what work is actually being done which can be demonstrated. You will always be able to find cheaper than what Ready Steady Go SEO charges but I’m confident you won’t find better value for money or ROI.

Business insights with a serious impact

We use industry leading SEO software solutions to extract the deepest analysis available; from .competitor backlinks analysis to keywords research. You can be certain that our Birmingham SEO services will provide you with the most comprehensive understanding of your online footprint and opportunites availabe to you. In addition, we can e-mail you weekly or monthly reports to show you what progress we’re making and how you’re SEO is improving.

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Key SEO services we recommend to all SMEs

The services below are essential to any campaign and you can find out about them in greater detail on our Birmingham SEO services pages or click on each individual icon


Keyword and keyphrase analysis is vital and forms bedrock of every effective SEO campaign we undertake


Still an underrated part of SEO in 2017. We help get your local listing to stand head and shoulders above the crowd