Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management Services

Reputation Management Services can increase visibility, build up brand equity, and help convert traffic whilst enhancing your online reputation.

What is reputation management?

For most clients who have an establised business they will have an online reputation eg they will have some reviews across a range of platforms, for instance in GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor etc. These reviews will mainly have come in more by luck than judgement. Where I come in is I look at the positive sentiment that is being no doubt being geenrated throughout the organisation and provide you with a systematic approach to harvesting this into positive but more importantly rich reviews.

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Why reputation management is important?

You might have a site that looks great, is lightning quick and maybe is ranking well for certain keywords that is generating a huge amount of traffic but simply isn't converting into sales. A very obvious issue can be that the company simply isn't held in high regard by its clients or prospects. This might be something that the client isn't aware of but frequently they can be in denial about. If this is the case then I always suggest that a reputation management package needs to compe before any SEO should take place.


Overhauling your reputation prior to SEO

When a prospect approaches me with a poor online reputation then I explain how SEO simply isn't what they need at this point. When you think through things logically all my efforts to expose the propsect to a greater audience will simply mean that more prospects will also be exposed to the poor reputation. This might happen in the search results (they see the aggregate star ratings say in  your Tripadvisor or Facebook snippet) . However, they will definitely come across your shaky reputation when they are doing further due diligence prior to commiting to your offering. 

What is a rich review

You've no doubt read a huge number reviews that were thin. That's that they might be a 5 star review but there's no text or its say something like 'Great service.' People have become increasingly aware of fake reviews through a number of scandals eg Tripadvosor where people pay for reviews. This means that people are more udbious about reviews so if it's not a detailed review that elaborates why your product or offering is great then it's going to be held up to scrutiny. Moreover, with a rich review the prospect gets a lot more insight into where you excel. 

reputation management services

How I can help you - Reputation Management Services I offer

Review Platform Analysis - it's important to determine the most important platforms to you in the sector you're in. These might be generic platforms like GoogleMyBusiness or Facebook but they might be more sector specififc eg if you're in the tourist trade  then Tripadvisor may be more crucial. I also determine which platforms might be the platforms that might need the most urgent attention if they are curently portraying a poor company image.

Review Us Templates - after picking the most important or the most in need of improvement platofrms I craft a bespoke email and SMS template. This makes it easy for people to leave a review by taking straight to where they can leave their feedback.

Review Harvesting Coaching - I can provide you and/or your staff with how to use the templates out in the field. It' is about listening and picking up on positive sentiment and simply making people aware that it would be great if more people knew the great job you do and sending them over the review templates. The reason why these often have a great take up is that the reviewers have something to say thus providing richer reviews. Note I do not condone any use of incentivisation or arbitrary solicitation of your audience that weren't offering you feedback already since this contravenes most review platform guidelinws, and moreover results in thin reviews at best.

Negative Review Coaching - I can offer advice on how to deal with bad reviews including an order in what action to take including an order of escalation. 

Replying to Positive Review Coaching - many clients think this is simply a case of thanking the reviewer. In fact, there'a three prong approach that has both SEO and marketing elements to it that means replying swiftly and specifically to each review you receive.

On-going Review Management - I  can alert you when you received a review and then what the next course of action we should take depending on how positive or negative it is.

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