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Local SEO services shouldn't just deliver sales on your doorstep

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It's true that well-executed UK local SEO services can increase the visibility of your business by driving your website to the top of local listings. However, your local listing profiles are also your shop window to the world for prospects when they are already looking for you.

How does Local SEO work?

Obtaining good local SEO rankings that appear dominant in map pack listings (the map view that can appear in search engines for certain key phrases) is dependent on consistency. This is critical to maintain for a range of your business data including name, address and phone (NAP) info, and much more. Getting this consistent exposure across a wide range of authoritative directory listings is crucial.

However, this effort can be short-sighted if you don't populate these listings as much as possible. Many listings like GoogleMyBusiness and BingPlaces also give the opportunity to post pics, opening times, events, posts, offers as well as crucially replying and cultivating client reviews.

Additional to this key asset, your own website and a wide range of important local SEO directories need to be optimised too for your local SEO coverage to be fulfilled as much as it can be. This involves ensuring that your NAP data remains consistent across all of these platforms so Google receives consistent signals about your business as it crawls across and mention (citation) of your website across the web.

Why Local SEO is important?

For many businesses that have not had their sites optimised, about 80% of your traffic will be coming from people typing in your company or brand name. Given that GoogleMyBusiness, for instance, will often be more prominent or visually more appealing than your own website's organic listing then there's all the more reason to give this digital asset the attention that it deserves.

Local SEO is a frequently overlooked element in SEO strategies. However, every small business should aim to be as highly optimised as possible for their local listing for three reasons.

  • This is one area where they are on a level playing ground against the multi-nationals and chain store brands
  • The local listings, for the terms where they exist, appear above the organic listings so it really stands head and shoulders above the organic listings
  • Searches made by these prospects are on your doorstep, so they should be highly motivated to consider you. This is particularly true if you have many positive reviews from a range of sources!


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Increase in organic traffic


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Local SEO on mobile devices

Local SEO plays it's part on desktops but with the majority of searches now happening on tablets and mobiles it's even more important to ensure your listings are as well populated as possible. Why? Because your local listing on mobiles will frquently appear above your own website's orgnic listing. So it's all the more important that this asset represents you as well as it can.

Local SEO is more than just driving traffic to your site - it's about strengthening your brand!

It comes as a surprise to many prospects to discover that, on average, 80% of the traffic they receive organically comes from people who were looking for them anyway.

What do I mean by this? Well, the vast majority of non optimised sites receive almost all their traffic from people who were looking for them by their company or brand names.

Being aware of this makes it all the more important for so many of your non-website assets to be as claimed, optimised and populated as much as possible to maximise phone enquiries, website visits and even visits to your physical location.

Consider for instance your GoogleMyBusiness. This is much more prominent on Google searches, particularly on mobile devices where it is frequently shown above the organic results. Additionally, this asset is much more attention-grabbing than your own site in the organic results so it makes sense to invest time and effort into optimising this vital piece of real estate! Below are just a few things to consider.

  • Does it have real pictures covering your team, exterior, interior and at work shots?
  • Do you have glowing lengthy reviews that have been responded to?
  • Do you showcase all your products and services?
  • Do you post regular news, event and offer items here?
  • Is your company name, opening hours, address etc all consistent with your data on your website?

All of these things help not only in your presence on the map pack but also make for a convincing portrayal that means your prospects will likely then go on to visit your website.

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How can I improve your local SEO?

There are a number of key local directories, including GoogleMyBusiness, that need consistent information submitted across each of them. Using the keywords discovered in the SEO report generated and any keyword research that was undertaken then these profiles are optimised targetting these keywords to improve their local SEO online visibility. In addition, pictures provided by the client are optimised to have these keywords featuring in their metadata. 

This work doesn't stop with optimising of these resources. An often missed part of local SEO projects is reviewing your own website to reflect this consistent data too. This includes ensuring obvious elements such as the correct name, address and phone details in the Contact Us page. However, it also includes adding structured data behind the website that the search engines crawl that shows the correct name, address, hone, opening times, and much more.

All this work, however, may be in vain if the client has either a poor or non-existent online reputation. Prospects will be frequently drawn to highly regarded businesses even if they rank lower. This is where I provide coaching and templates for you to use to maximise the positive sentiment that flows into your organisation and to turn this into detailed 'rich' reviews across the most important review platforms including GoogleMyBusiness. Detailed or 'rich' reviews are particularly important in 2020 since many prospects can spot fake reviews from a mile off or for that matter will simply ignore 'thin' reviews like 'Great service' or 'Use them all the time'. Prospects want to see detailed information about how your products/services and customer service excel in real situations.  

How do I measure your Local SEO impact?

Determining the impact that local SEO plays can be very hard to judge. You may already review the monthly reports you get from GoogleMyBusiness in some detail. However, I create a tracking code that can then see traffic that visits the website from your GMB profile. This can provide some very important insights in Google Analytics. For instance overall traffic, bounce rate, average duration on-site, and much more.

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