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Competitor Backlink Analysis

Scratching your head why your brand new, lightning-fast website with beautiful graphics and engaging content is trailing behind your competitors with websites that are tired and haven't been updated for years? Maybe it's a case of them having a better backlink profile than yours. This is where a Competitor Backlink Analysis can give you the insights you need to determine this and help build a better profile

You may have had on-page optimisation (SEO work done solely on your website) carried out and still not achieved the results you had been hoping for. This is where a review of your off-page presence may pay dividends. Evaluating where you stand  in comparison to to your competitors may give this insight, as well as numerous backlinking opportunities you had never considered

Why is backlinking still important in 2020?

You may have a lightning-fast website with engaging content and possibly been already optimised for a decent volume of keywords and yet it still doesn't seem to get the ranking, and consequently the traffic you may have hoped for.

The reason for this is often that despite your on-page (work developing your own website) efforts, there may have been little

effort to gain the level of recognition across a whole range of websites that Google may have expected for you to accrue, particukarly when compared to your competitors.

So what is a backlink?

In its simplest terms, a backlink is simply a clickable link from someones else's website that then takes the viewer to your website . 

What is competitor backlink analysis?

A backlink analysis looks at the backlinks that you possess and then I compare it against competitors. The choice of competitors is made either by providing me with or I can propose likely candidate competitors that I believe may have a decent number of backlinks from the high Domain Authority that they have. This Domain Authority is a relative metric used to determine the backlink strength possessed by a website when compared with websites across the web. 

When looking at the disparity between you and your competitors I can make some useful insights. For instance, it is possible to understand if they've likely used SEO's themselves and also what kind of backlinking strategy was used. However, the most useful information is the generating of new backlinking opportunities you might not have considered or even been aware of. This can include regional and sector-specific linking opportunities as well as more general linking opportunities, for instance, business directories.

competitor backlink analysis research
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How do I find your competitor backlinks?

Firstly you might wonder how do I find your backlinks? One of the assets I request access to when starting to work with you is your Google Search Console. If this is something you don't already have access to then I can configure this for you on your website. Once I have access to this I get a comprehensive view of your existing backlinks. 

Then it's a case if finding your competitor's backlinks. Since I won't have access to their Seach Consoles I'll use other software, such as Moz's Link Abalysis tools. Unlike the Search Console, this doesn't give a complete picture for any competitor, but by looking at a basket of competitors much of this partial viewing capability can be offset.

How do I perform a competitor backlink analysis?

Once I have both your backlinks and your competitors then I undertake a number of further processes.

  • Removal of competitor backlinks that have a low Domain Authority
  • Removal of competitor backlinks that have a high Spam Score
  • Merge competitor backlinks together
  • De-duplicate competitor backlinks from your own existing backlinks 
  • Categorisation of backlinks in terms of applicability
  • Proposed backlink acquisition strategy for the applicable backlinks


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What do I do next with these competitor backlinks?

This information, though revealing, to be of full value will need a campaign of backlinking that has been informed by the analysis. I provide this service on a project by project basis. However, due to how long a backlink takes to have an effect, which can be a matter of months before it starts to fully contribute, I normally suggets to committing to a minimum of 3-6 months to start judging the benefits contributed to the site's Domain Authority and it's ranking.

From the number of backlinking opportunities that I can discern from the backlink analysis, I can provide you with a minimu figure for the number of high Domain Authority low spam score backlinks I can provide yhou with per month.

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