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I'm a UK based freelance SEO consultant that develops cost-effective SEO strategies for SMEs wanting results that don't take forever. This has subsequently created a proven track record in increasing search engine rankings for SMEs across the globe.

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Hire a UK freelance SEO consultant with a proven track record

Hiring a freelance SEO consultant is a big deal for any company, regardless of its size. Why? Because getting it right can mean a big surge in traffic to your website and the possibility generating greater sales. However, choosing the wrong consultant, agency or company for your needs also carries as great a risk as the potential rewards.

Why a risk? Ranking for the wrong keywords risks pointing an organisation towards potentially the wrong keywords, or keywords with possibly little or no search volumes. In fact, maybe an even greater danger is it could also mean no longer ranking for a host of keywords you were ranking highly for that you weren't even aware you were ranking for.

An even greater risk than this is the usage of 'black hat' techniques that may mean significant ranking penalties that could threaten a business than allow it to thrive. This dawned on me about 10 years ago when  I was, like you, an end client who was hiring (and suffering) SEO companies. When I did some backlink analysis of some questionable backlinks created in my name I knew that it was time to take action.  SEO was just too important to be left to a third party that didn’t care and in their seeking to raise my profile I was as likely to gain a Google penalty! 

So use a consultant who has worked with over 75+ organisations across 3 continents, worked with sole traders to multi million-pound concerns and  has worked with both B2B and B2C sectors.


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To consistently offer the best value digital marketing services to SMEs in the UK and further afield through consulting, strategic thinking and in-house implementation.

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How I came to be a freelance SEO consultant

My background

My entire career has been spent in various forms of marketing. Having reached Commercial Director level in my last couple of positions I had the unenviable task of determining how to go about optimising the company website. Like you, I considered employing an SEO specialist. Perhaps like you, I was left frequently hugely confident by almost every SEO account manager's pitch that I met (I say 'met', face to meetings were very much a rarity). However, after subsequently hiring each SEO agency, after numerous months of expectantly waiting, I was left thoroughly underwhelmed by the results that were delivered. Over-promised and under-delivered would summarise my every hire.

My typical SEO agency experience

If you've ever used a typical agency your experience may be similar to mine. After wholly convincing pitches made by a charismatic Account Manager, you plump for 'guaranteed results' and 'astronomical rise in site traffic'. A month or so passes and very little has been made of access to many assets and you're told they are still 'setting up'.

A couple of months further pass and you're wondering where any ranking improvements are. You're assured that it very much a case of being patient because, of course, 'SEO takes ages to work'. A further few months later where you get a gnawing feeling that things aren't happening and results aren't forthcoming so you call the SEO agency in if they are prepared to do this which in most cases they aren't.

The meeting or call normally goes one of two ways. Questioned about the activities undertaken I was either fobbed off with 'you wouldn't understand the complexities' or 'our conscious is clear since we got some keywords to rank'. So then questioned about the results the former's response is, just hang in there and magical things will happen.

The latter's response is often 'we got you to page one for some phrases so it's not our fault if you're not getting the enquiries or sales'. What is frequently omitted from their response is that the search volumes for what they did have success with were practically negligible so the chances of getting enquiries or sales were always going to be low. Of course, perhaps if the SEO agency had shared these search volumes at the proposal stage maybe they wouldn't have been chosen. That's why I always share this vital information with the client as part of my free SEO audit.

The end result. The contract ends with the obvious notice period having to honoured despite the poor performance. The SEO agency has made its money and walks away with a deluded sense of probity. And the client. The client is left with frequently very little other than a jaded feeling that maybe SEO isn't for them and maybe the warnings they received prior to hiring an SEO about it being all 'smoke and mirrors' was right.

Of course, this isn't everyone's experience. Some people experience improvements straight away and things look great. Then a few months or longer pass and out of the blue their rankings plummet without any warning. This is frequently the calling card of 'black hat' techniques employed by their SEO agency which have come to roost with the most recent Google algorithm update. Then follows a long period of Google disavowals and lost sales or maybe even no longer appearing on search engine results. For many purely online companies, this can be armageddon.

Born of frustration

So after suffering the above experiences and hearing about other people's SEO misfortunes, it left me thinking. Could I do SEO myself and do it better? So I set about consuming every podcast, tutorial and YouTube video I could find. It turned out that 'white hat' SEO isn't something that is mystical and unknowable. In fact, what it turns out to be is largely following good business practice and just a lot of sheer hard work. Good SEO doesn't simply happen, it requires thought, planning and continual updating. There are very few short cuts and frequently short cuts will contravene SEO best practice guidelines or won't be that effective. 

However, despite the steep learning curve, the unrelenting workload, and the odd cul de sac I found it terrifically rewarding and enjoyable process. In fact, I found it much more intuitive and creatively rewarding than the rest of the sales and marketing remit I was doing. You may think it odd I say creative, rather than say analytical, which it also is, but there's so much more to SEO than cold calculations. In fact, it comes down to some very deep questions about what is at the core of what a company does. What is it that makes prospects choose to be your customer.

I determined that I would do my own SEO. SEO in 2016 is a very different beast to several years ago, Google now rewards you for building natural links within your local and trade community. Additionally, I was getting a real buzz from delivering real-world results using ethical SEO techniques to build significant ROI. In one position the results were so significant it meant that a telemarketing team of 3 making outbound calls was reduced down to just 1 who was largely reassigned to dealing with inbound calls generated from internet traffic!

The rest, as they say, is history. Over the last 4 years, I've worked with over 75 fantastic clients that have been a real privilege to work for. Suffice to say, I'm looking forward to the next 4 years working in the challenging and ever-changing world of SEO consultancy.

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Passionate About My Clients

I pride myself on developing digital marketing services that my clients continue to value. Career satisfaction for me is derived from delivering tailored solutions for each and every one of my clients and their unique marketing goals - regardless of their size, budget and location.

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An active spokesperson for SEO in the business community

I'm passionate about spreading the word of how using SEO best practices can dramatically improve the revenues for companies. This includes regularly attending business networking opportunities to speak on the subject but I also commit a considerable amount of my time writing articles for a range of trade press publications. In addition, I have also spoken at a range of conferences on a range of subjects in digital marketing including online reputation management.


Some remarkable events in my journey as a freelance SEO consultant.


Nov 2016

Ready Steady Go SEO founded by Guy Willett


May 2017

Company begins work with it's first international client

August 2017

Company offers adds PPC offering


February, 2020

Company works with it's 75th client.

March 2020

Company relocates to Cheltenham


December 2022

Company works with it's 150th client.

Frequently Asked Questions about freelance SEO consultants

What does a freelance SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant takes the time to understand a bigger picture around a business than just simply accepting a brief to rank for a specific keyword without any further enquiry why a client may want to rank for a keyword. This is essentially the difference between a consultant and a run of the mill agency. An consultant enters into a dialogue and long before proposing the keywords that need to target for takes time to understand not only the client but also their target audience and the language that they use. From this the consultant reflects this back with on-going discussions with the client to ascertain how their website and overall business processes work to ensure a smooth transition from initial site visit to fulfilled order.

How long will it take for a freelance SEO Consultant to rank your website?

The answer to this will vary as to each individual client, their website, current rankings as well as the target keyword you want to rank for, how competitive it is, whether you already rank, the scale of the ranking reach, and finally what the search volumes are for this and related keywords. This is why I adopt a consultative approach. No amount of 'cookie cutter' SEO addresses all of these dynamic factors. It also depends on a range of less obvious factors including the client's reputation (if it's bad this can be next to impossible) and finally the amount of effort the client is prepared to commit over what timeframe.

Do I really need a freelance SEO consultant?

This wholly depends on your own level of SEO competence but also in your understanding of your target markets. A consultant can help insights long before trying to improve your rankings. For instance, I wouldn't dream of working with a client on SEO if their online reputation was poor. Why? Because all I'll be doing is driving more people towards their site and other online assets which will show even more people their poor reputation. So the chances of ranking, let alone converting will be dismal. In this case I'd propose working with the client at improving their online reputation first with an online reputation management package first.

How much you need to pay for SEO Consulting?

This very much depends on your existing site's on-page (own website) and off-page (your presence across other sites on the web) strengths. For a brand new site you might be looking at a full SEO campaign which might need a wide ranging number of SEO packages that I provide. For a very established website it might simply be one or two SEO packages that could make all the difference for an already strong online profile. For instance, it might simply be an on-page optimisation or technical SEO package that might be required since they already have already strong off-page stature.

How can an  SEO Consultant help your business in the UK?

A consultant who is particularly experienced in your sector and in your locale can be a huge asset to your company. They will will come with an understanding of the technical vocabularly used for sector as well as popssible more common or garden phrasing used by prospects. Additionally, they will have an understanding of what has maybe worked for clients in similar business segments. However the one big advantage is that  that they will be able to tell you whether it is indeed using their services at this point. Perhaps you are in a very specific niche with very few searches or maybe have a poor online reputation which might mean discounting SEO an activity at this point.

How do you hire an SEO consultant?

Hiring an SEO consultant should be a rigorous process. Undertake due diligence around their online reviews. Are they rich reviews or are they thin reviews that may be fake? A face to face meeting can be a great way of determining the commitment and the level of knowledge that a consultant can demonstrate as well as determining if they are the right 'fit' for you. This can be harder to measure from say a report or an online presentation. Additionally, understand their process, financial commitments, activities being undertaken, timescales both in terms of when activities are being undertaken but also to start seeing results, and also the level of involvement that will be required from you in terms of access to resources and also ongoing meetings. Finally, ask for references of clients to see how they found working with them.