Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO services though complex should be

be understandable given your site's health depends on it being done well!

Clarity in the Complexity - Technical SEO services made simple

Technical SEO services are where admittedly there can be a lot of complexity but this shouldn't stop your SEO provider from explaining what they are doing. In fact, it's critical that they do since the work that they undertake in this area can seriously damage your website's health. To the extent that sometimes you may end up having a broken website on your hands!

So why is technical SEO important if it can be so risky?

Search engines penalise websites that aren't configured as well as they could be so the ranking rewards can be high if your site issues are addressed.

There can be a wide range of issues that may need addressing, like slow loading speed, duplicate content, and broken links that can all play their part.

What's important is understanding the level of ability and experience your SEO has in implementing these changes on your website.

This of course frequently hard to prove. However, it's well worth understanding if they've experience in working with the content management system and even theme your site runs on.

How can you tell if your SEO is good at Technical SEO?

So say you have a Wordpress site running a Divi theme then get them to provide yiou with a client site that they have optimised. Failing this ask them to show you a Wordpress site that they did technical SEO on. Then you can use some freely available tools, like Pingdom and GT Metrix,  to check say the sitespeed for yourself.

If it's some way over 3 seconds then you might want to look at their own site. This should give you a good understanding of what their capabilities are, if this is slow too, then maybe worth considering other suppliers in your shortlist.







Check your SEO's understanding of your own website's  platform

Do they take the time to explore your short'long term goals

What understanding do they have of your sector and audience

Choose a technical SEO services provider with a wealth of experience!

The plan was always to focus on offering affordable SEO services to B2B SMEs in the Midlands. Things don't always work out that way though do they?

I'm delighted to say that in the four years since starting I've very much been a victim of my success!

This has involved working with companies as far afield as the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland and Romania and even further afield including the United States and New Zealand.

In addition, I've found myself working for business sectors I hadn't planned on working with including B2C as well B2B organisations. These have ranged from accountants and estate agents to pharmacies, physiotherapists and florists.

Working with the B2C community has also meant working on fully transactional sites for the likes of confectionery wholesalers to personalised wooden gifts manufacturers.

The diversity hasn't ended there. My work portfolio has included content creation, social media marketing and even on the odd occasion website design!

All of this has also meant a huge amount learning various content management systems and software applications that I've had to address from your common or garden WordPress site to more specialist platforms like Umbraco (as illustrated in the diagram).

How I can improve your technical SEO?

Below for some of the factors I typically address.

  • Prioritising Problems - evaluating the biggest issues that are holding back your site are determined and then addressed
  • Addressing low lying site speed issues first - slow load times through pictures that are incorrectly sized or scaled can have a big impact on load times
  • Remedying duplicate content - search engine confusion is reduced when there is clarity that each page serves a particular purpose and /or addresses a particular topic
  • Missing Information - from missing titles to meta descriptions, these can all have a big impact on the ranking ability for each incomplete page
  • Fixing legacy issues - out of date themes and plugins can substantially reduce both your site's functionality, site speed, and security
  • Finding and addressing missing pages & data, broken links can obviously irritate your audience as well the search engines