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In these troubling times, there are few silver linings to be found, let alone if you’re running a business. However, you may find you currently have a lot of time on your hands wondering how your business will survive. Or you may be thinking with all this time on your hands what you can do […]

For the third successive year SEO firm, Ready Steady Go SEO has been named as one of the UK’s best digital and marketing agencies. Clutch spoke with 600 companies’ clients, evaluating each company’s market presence, and assessing the quality of work delivered. Guy Willett, owner of the SEO firm said “The important thing is it’s […]

You can spend a lot of time and money on numerous sales channels to attract inbound enquiries or outbound leads but SEO is frequently overlooked. Indeed, SEO can offer many more advantages to your business than just a great sales channel of motivated prospects It can also provide numerous hidden benefits that can help guide […]

So the perennial question: ‘Have you seen your rankings drop recently?’ Obviously, there can be a host of potential problems that might account for this but if it was between July to September of this year then it’s possible you received a penalty from the E-A-T update. What is E-A-T? E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness […]

So you’ve claimed your business listing, included some attractive pics and ensured you’ve got the right business category, opening times and NAP (company Name, Address and Phone) info. You’ve even managed to get some great reviews with some great feedback. So that’s GoogleMyBusiness done, right? Wrong! There are lots more you can do and here […]

You may have noticed a drop off in your internet traffic since the end of February. What might have caused this? Has Google updated its algorithm? Have you received a Google penalty? Will you need to get your web designer or SEO specialist to look into what the problem might be? Or is it something […]

Last month saw a momentous milestone. According to the latest data from web analytics firm, Statcounter, worldwide mobile and tablet internet usage finally became more prevalent than desktop usage. It’s been a slow, inexorable rise with mobile usage being at around 40% 24 months ago, 45% 12 months ago, and finally last month it topped […]

This is not a rare situation that I find some prospects in and sometimes it’s only when I conduct a free situation report for them that they are aware of the scale of such an issue. It’s not entirely surprising with so many social media channels and for that matter, directories offering a review option […]

Ever wondered why big companies have Adwords even on their own brand names? It’s simple, they don’t want to take any chances.” One of the most common lines of resistance I come up against is ‘We’re on page 1 already.’   At this point, I keenly enquire, ‘Oh for what keywords?’ and of course the […]

Local SEO is a shockingly undervalued resource in today’s SEO battlefield, and none more so than your Google My Business listing. Your local listings (or local SEO) on Google have been with us now for over 3 years and yet they are still criminally overlooked by both end clients and SEO agencies alike. It’s 2016 […]