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Contrary to some widely held opinions, connections to your website from around the Internet from authoritative sites that are relevant and natural are still vital to your ranking progress in 2020. This is where backlink building services play their part.

Despite many client's efforts, before they meet me, they simply can't make their website rank. They have potentially laboured for hours ensuring their website is beautiful, has engaging content and loads fast. And yet desoute this they see other competitor websites which look old, don't seem to be maintained yet somehow consistently outrank. So what's going on?

Why are backlink building services still important in 2020?

You may have a lightning-fast website with engaging content and possibly been already optimised for a decent volume of keywords and yet it still doesn't seem to get the ranking, and consequently the traffic you may have hoped for.

The reason for this is often that despite your on-page (work developing your own website) efforts, there may have been little

effort to gain the level of recognition across a whole range of websites that Google may have expected for you to accrue, particukarly when compared to your competitors.

So what is a backlink?

In its simplest terms, a backlink is simply a clickable link from someones else's website that then takes the viewer to your website . 

Not all backlinks are created equal. What are good backlinks?

Prospects sometimes approach me after they have conducted a backlink campaign using a previous SEO company or involved perhapos a very cheap service, maybe on Fiver, who created for them thousands of backlinks, On the face of it they have now have a huge number of backlinks but what has frequently occured is that they have a huge number of 'unatural' backlinks, with very little Domain Authority and  with very high spam scores. Evaluating these numerous backlinks can be an administrative nightmare let alone potentially determine how to rid yourself of these poor backlinks since Google disavowal files are now no longer Google's preferred policy.

So I generally advise it's better to have quality over quantity. It means thet can both be managed and have control over the backlinks that are targetted to create a natural backlink profile. with a high authority and that don't have high spam scores.

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What is a 'natural' backlink example

Google isn't just looking at how your site performs in isolation. It wants to know how it interelates to a wide range of websites that it might expect you to have 'natural' connections to. So for example an accountants in Birmingham might be expected to have -

backlinks that are sector specififc

  • trade body memebership, say partner with ICAEW accreditation
  •  business network like BNI
  • exhibited or presented at exhibitions or trade fairs
  • contribute or comment on accountancy based forums

They may also have backlink that are gepgrahic speciffic from their involvement within their local community:

  • sponsor a local football team
  • corporate supporter of a charity

Finally, they may have built up backlink by being prsent in a range of local or sector speciffic directories.

Again all of these types of backlinks may have come from the company's going about it's day to day business rather than as some defined backlinking stratgy. What Google wouldn't be expecting would be numerous unrelated links from website with no geographical or sector proximity to the business, hence unatural links. A sufficent number of these backlinks might end up working against the company.

How do I create backlinks for your website?

Developing natural and business generating links comes from painstaking analysis of local and trade links and determining their value prior to outreach. I initially help you to determine high value links as well as categorise them. I then help you create outreach strategies for each category along with methods to secure their success and monitor their contribution.

So the normal process that a client generally follows means that a client will have already got me to undertake a Competitor Backlink Analysis. This will already have uncovered a good number of potential backlink opportunities that have got:

  • Availability for a new backlink
  • Have a high Domain Authority
  • Have a low Spam score

From this it's a case of working with the client to determine what level of content creation that they are prepared to generate. For instance, if they are already creating articles I can suggest articles that they may want to create and that I can give them guidance on that can then which I can then post out to relevant blogger/editors of websites that have posted competitots similar posts.

However, not all clients have the resources or inclination to opt for this level of involvement. In this case, I can still create high authority low spam backlinks but it reduces the scope as to the backlinks that I can win for a client. A good proportion of these will be either business directory or reviewing of potential backlinking availability across their supply chain. 

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